James W. Morris II

Keynote Speaker, Transformational Speaker, Entrepreneur & Global Operations Leader

James W. Morris II is the CEO of Morris Motivation and of the TMC Solutions Brands (Workforce Solutions / Staffing, Supply Chain and Logistics / Trucking).

Renowned for his work with Fortune 100 companies and many small to mid-sized firms.

James is the preeminent authority on achieving Operational Excellence through the basic principles of Industrial Engineering, Production, Quality Management Systems, Safety, Finance and Customer Service.

James appears around the United States as a speaker, coach and consultant to Business Leaders, and Motivated High Potential / High Achievers that seek improvement. James focuses on Operational Excellence and Business Basics.

James is a Six Sigma Green Belt in Lean Manufacturing.

He is a Global Process Improvement team member that received the A.J. Williamson Award for Continuous Improvement and active in various Supply Chain forums.

James Morris, Executive Coaching and Mentoring

James earned a B.A. in Finance from Baylor University and an Executive Masters in Operations Management from Rice University.

He served on the Houston Texas advisory Board for Goodwill Industries and is a certified member of the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council.

James has been awarded the Congressional Letter of Recognition and the YMCA Minority Achiever Award for outstanding work in the community.

The Imposter Syndrome As Fuel by James W Morris II


The Imposter Syndrome As Fuel:
I am Who I Pretended to Be

In this exploration of the human psyche, James Morris delves into the depths of Imposter Syndrome and the transformative power of embracing his Alter Ego. Drawing from his background in business and personal experiences, Morris navigates the intricate labyrinth of self-doubt and identity crisis with keen insight and empathy.