Executive Leadership Programs

Business Coaching Programs Overview

This program is designed to support leaders to thrive in complexity, envision bright futures, build inclusive teams that can collaborate effectively, and create the conditions for those futures to emerge. Through pragmatic learning, examining diverse perspectives, and exploring the possibilities, participants will open their mindset and stagnant ways of thinking to explore new possibilities.

Throughout the program, participants will develop a professional initiative, through which they can apply insights and learnings from the program. Actively working on initiatives rooted in the methodology of practical learning, providing the opportunity to apply the learnings in real time.

The program is divided into modules, where you will ground yourself in the Advanced Management learning experience, connecting purposefully with yourself and your teams. The programs are online and will support you in applying the lessons in your work. The program can range from self-exploration to exploring your relationship with others. You will examine topics such as Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing.

We then start to take a broader look—exploring: What do you want to bring into the world? How can you leverage your gifts to shape a better future? The program wraps up with a module focused on moving you into action.

Program Goals

Growing your business

Finding Leads that become sales. Increasing my customer base. Doing more business with current customers.

Understanding your Financials. Finance for Non-Finance Managers. Cash Management

Leading Teams

KPI – Key Performance Indicators. Know the score. Always know whether or not you are winning or losing

Human Resources. Policies and Procedures. Are you protected?

Collaboration with Peers

Expected Results

Benefits resulting from the TMC program


Boosting revenue and increasing market share are the main reasons leaders seek out business coaches. Not only can TMC coaches navigate the complexities of a financial spreadsheet, but we can also work with leaders to explore and remove limiting beliefs. The combination can result in exponential growth and a direct impact on the bottom line.


One of the greatest traits of a strong executive or business owner is the ability to bounce back from even the biggest of setbacks. TMC coach resilience-building strategies, like positive psychology and challenging negative assumptions.


TMC has served on the front lines as company leaders. Consequently, we are a unique leadership partner who can serve as a mirror to executives expanding their skills.

Whether you are just getting started with your business, or decades in and needing to know which steps to take to scale sustainably, business coaching can help with gaining clarity, confidence, and direction.